My name is Olivia Harmanos, and I am a rock climber from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I started climbing in 2009 when I was eight years old. My first climbing experience was one like any other. I went with my cousin to a small gym in PA. I really enjoyed it because I felt like I could be good at something. The height of the wall did not scare me, I found it exhilarating, and I wanted to go higher. This experience allowed me to join a competitive team, climb outdoors, and become an all around better climber. Through climbing I've made lifelong friends, met all types of people from different cultures, and traveled the world. Babala, in the Southern region of Greece, Foz de la Canal, in the Spanish Pyrenees, Waterval Boven, South Africa, and Cascais, along the coast Portugal, are a few of many places I've climbed at. My favorite climbing trip, is my yearly excursion to the Red River Gorge. 

Notable Indoor Achievements:

7th at Sport Youth National (2018)

11th at  Bouldering Youth National (2019)

5th at Dominion RiverRock Boulder Bash (2018)

1st at Burn Series Competitions (OPEN)


Notable Outdoor Achievements:

8a+ "Octo Plus", Babala

8a "Streptokaukus", Babala

8a "Leodokardos", Babala

5.13a “Skin boat”, Red River Gorge

7c "Tchao Wild Goat", Babala

5.12d “Tuna Town”, Red River Gorge



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